• Technologies for treatment of natural resources of drinking water with specific impurification
  • Technologies for physico-chemical treatment of underground sources / coagulants capitalisation
  • Experimental models / field experiments on mobile pilot units
  • Diagnostic analysis for the efficiency evaluation of the applied technologies for water treatment
  • Evaluation of the possibilities for underground treatment flows optimization
  • Development of the combined procedures for pollutant removal
  • Development / implementation of analytical methods for organic matter characterization/evaluation of the technological processes

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  • Technology for treatment of drinking water from natural resources contaminated with arsenic and organochlorine pesticides / International project EUREKA / SEPAR
  • Development / implementation of analytical methods for characterization of organic matter in raw water and efficiency assessment of the technological processes applied to the treatment flow in order to obtain proper drinking water from a qualitative point of view / Project EEA – RO-0016
  • Environmentally friendly polyelectrolytes based on biopolymers, obtained by grafting induced with an electron beam, in order to improve the quality of surface water and wastewater / Methodology for testing coagulation adjuvants in water treatment / treatment processes / PN II-Partnerships / FLAMIR project
  • Experimental model for assessment of the influence of the biofilter washing parameters on the biooxidation performance of NH4+ ions from underground sources (DUNAREA GALATI)
  • Technology for treating underground water sources with nitrate content (APA PROD Deva)
  • Treatability study of raw water collected from underground sources for establishing the optimal technical solution / Study of the water quality monitoring on the treatment flow (catch-consumer) (TASM SRL ROMANIA Buftea)
  • Evaluation of the optimization possibilities of the underground treatment streams – the Targu Carbunesti drinking water treatment plant / flow of underground water sources treatment with ammonium content (AQUAPROIECT)
  • Analysis of the drilling water and technical solution for Mn reduction / Technological solution for Mn removal from underground sources (HONEYWELL ISIS DEVELOPMENT)
  • Technologies for capitalisation of the inorganic coagulants based on sodium aluminate (ALUM Tulcea)
  • Physico-chemical treatment technologies for underground sources (Pantelimon and Cernica agglomerations) (ERG TERMROM Galati)
  • Pilot installation for biological nitrification with expanded clay support, with continuous operation mode (ERG TERM ROM Galati)
  • Experimental model for removal of natural organic / bacteriological load from natural resources of drinking water by sonolysis (AQUATIM)
  • Technological solution for underground sources treatment (STAP Adjud) for compliance with the drinking water norms / Methodology for evaluation the reactivity of organic loading from underground sources after chlorine treatment (CUP Focsani)
  • Core Program:
    • Technology for the recovery of chemical sludge from drinking water treatment plants with obtaining a mixed coagulant based on Al / Fe
    • Assessment of the safety of drinking water supply systems by monitoring the compliance of metal concentrations with the requirements of Directive 98/83 / EC / Procedure for drinking water consumption for consumers / Database on pollution with metals of water intended for human consumption
    • Electrochemical methods based on the stripping voltammetry techniques used in the evaluation of the speciation of some dangerous metals from surface water and wastewater / Analytical method for assessment of iron ions speciation from natural drinking water resources
    • Technological flow sequential variants based on hybrid sonolysis for treatment of natural resources polluted with oxidizable organic (MON, THM) and / or inorganic (Fe2+, Mn2+) pollutants
    • Technology for underground water sources treatment contaminated with sulfides and ammonium ions