a. Advanced oxidation processes: Fenton / Fenton oxidation, photolysis and photocatalysis, ultrasonication
b. Membrane technologies: arsenic removal by oxidation- precipitation-coagulation- flocculation & ultrafiltration
c. Biological processes: ammonium removal from underground sources
d. Hybrid processes: US/H2O2, US/H2O2 + Fe, US/UV, US/H2O2/UV and US/H2O2/UV/Fe for removal of micropollutants from water (ex. THM)

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  • Fundamentation of photochemical oxidation processes of refractory organic pollutants from wastewater/ water/ PNCDI – CERES
  • Advanced removal of organic micropollutants and microbial loading from aqueous systems through sonochemical processes coupled with classical AOPs/ Core Program
  • Innovative solutions for water quality conservation and protection through conventional and unconventional processes (SINOVAP)
  • Experimental model for study the influence of biofilter washing parameters on the biooxidation performance of NH4+ ions from underground water sources (DUNAREA GALATI)
  • Pilot installation for biological nitrification with expanded clay support, with continuous operation mode (ERGTERMROM Galati)
  • Sequential variants of the technological flow based on hybrid sonolysis for treating natural water resources contaminated with oxidizable pollutants of organic (MON, THM) and / or inorganic ( Fe2+, Mn2+) nature /Core Program