Consultancy for accreditation and training for:

  • implementation of the physico-chemical / microbiological methods
  • performance parameters and method validation
  • implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 17025
  • Training on:
  • – microbiological techniques for quality control of drinking water
    – validation and assessment of the methods applied for pollutants analyses from drinking water by molecular absorption spectrometry
    – validation/verification of the methods and calculation of the performance parameters
    – techniques/methods for analyses of the toxic metals
    – validation and assessment of the nitrogen forms
    – development and validation of the water quality analysis methods based on combustion techniques (TOC, DOC)
    – application of the sampling techniques

  • Spectrophotometric and gas chromatographic methods applied for water pollutants analyses (ex. chlorinated pesticides)
  • Internal and external measures of the test results quality
  • Statistical calculation models of the uncertainty during water sampling
  • Assurance and control measures of the quality during water samples and collection
  • Measures to ensure the validity of the results applied in the analysis of metals from water samples

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