Microbiological analyses are performed in accredited laboratories (RENAR) according to the requirements of referential EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005.


Analize microbiologice:

a. Total number of colonies growing at 22°C

b.Total number of colonies growing at 37°C

c. Total coliform bacteria

d.Escherichia coli


f.Pseudomonas aeruginosa

g.Clostridium perfringens*

Identification of microorganisms and characterization of their pathogenicity and virulence potential.*Determination of antibiotic resistance profile of potentially pathogenic microorganisms.**investigations that are not covered by RENAR accreditation

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  • Bacteriological analysis of drinking/surface/underground/water samples / Monitoring methodology (GIVAROLI IMPEX, ANGST RO, PUROLITE, SALSI, ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE, CP MED LABORATORY, URSUS BREWERIES, etc.)