Physico-chemical analyses are performed according to the requirements of the referential EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 (RENAR).

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Sampling can be performed by specialized personnel of our laboratories according to the requirements of the specific legislation for each environmental factor ensuring proper use of sampling equipment and sample containers, conservation and transport of samples, necessary accompanying documents. On request, the client can perform the sampling by himself, in this case the client will receive a guide from the laboratory with all information necessary to properly carry out the sampling activity.


  • Monitoring the quality of drinking water / Normative study (ACTAVIS, ANGST RO, SALSI)
  • Monitoring the quality of drilling water (APA NOVA PLOIESTI)
  • Monitoring the quality of drinking water (URSUS BREWERIES)
  • Monitoring the quality of groundwater/wastewater for units in the food industry/Monitoring procedure (STAR FOODS EM, CARMANGERIA GODAC, RDS ROMANIANDRINK SERVICE, AVICOLA BUZAU)
  • Evaluation of the quality of the groundwater/wastewater for units that perform services, equipment and installations in the field of water/wastewater treatment/ Normative study (DFR SYSTEMS, VWS ROMANIA INDUSTRIAL, DOMASO CONSTRUCT, VEOLIA WATER, SALSERV ECOSISTEM, ADVANCED BIOGAS TECHNOLOGIES- CHEMIE ROMANIA)